Make your money work harder for your business or municipality.

Choose from our suite of services to increase efficiency and optimize your cash flow. Available in CT and MA.

Better funds management begins here

Every business and municipality wants to find a better way to manage their funds. Our convenient solutions increase your efficiency without using more of your valuable time.

  • Ideal for high transaction volumes.
  • Use as a cash depository in conjunction with our Cash Management System.
  • Provides a monthly analysis statement with details on balance maintained, services used and earnings credits calculations.
  • Earnings Credit Allowance (ECA) can offset some or all of the monthly fee.
  • Option to link to an Investment or Line of Credit Sweep account.
  • Automatically moves excess cash above your defined minimum following end-of-day reconciliation into a Farmington Bank investment account.
  • Earn overnight and have your account credited each day.
  • If your Checking account balance falls below a predetermined amount, the sweep automatically shifts excess funds to replenish the account.
  • Excellent tool for supplementing investment income while ensuring liquidity.
  • Maximize funds through automatic transfer from a line of credit to a checking account. Excess checking account funds are automatically applied to line balances to reduce interest expense.
  • Receive daily notification of your cash position.
  • Option of paying for services by maintaining compensating balances or by direct charge through account analysis.
  • Dual Sweep Program combines Line of Credit Sweep with Overnight Investment Sweep.
  • Links to your main operating account with automated transfers, as needed, to put excess funds to work.
  • Make better decisions with simple tracking of cash flows and a single, unified view of funds.
  • Cuts costs and improves transparency with fewer accounts to manage.
  • Use with Farmington Bank Investment Sweep account.

Cash management accounts feature...

Personalized Service
Fraud Protection
FDIC Insurance
Online Banking

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