Customized financing solutions for businesses, institutions and commercial property investors.

Our team of highly experienced commercial loan specialists can provide the expertise and funding you need.

Relieve pressure on your working capital and cash flow with our commercial loan products. We take the time to listen to your business goals and customize a comprehensive lending program that suits you. Our lending products include:

  • Revolving Line of Credit ─ Does your business need to bridge its cash flow or working capital needs? A revolving line of credit will do just this. Flexible repayment terms and competitive rates allow your business to maximize its cash flow.
  • Term Loan ─ Looking to modernize or become more efficient? A term loan will allow your business to purchase equipment and machinery, finance improvements, and more. Choose between fixed or variable rates with a variety of repayment options.
  • Equipment Line of Credit ─ Need equipment, but not sure when? An Equipment Line of Credit is highly flexible and therefore ideal for the purchase of machinery and equipment. It allows for multiple equipment purchases over a predetermined time frame, at which point the outstanding balance on the line is converted to a term loan under a preset principal reduction schedule.
  • Owner Occupied Commercial Mortgages ─ Buying a new building? Expanding? We offer a variety of terms, rates and amortization schedules for owner occupied commercial mortgages.
  • Acquisition Loan ─ Purchasing a business? An acquisition loan may be the ideal solution to help you accomplish this goal.

We offer a variety of commercial real estate lending programs for investment properties.

  • Commercial Real Estate Mortgages ─ Purchasing an investment property or looking to refinance an existing property? We offer a full range of commercial real estate mortgage products with attractive terms and fixed or floating rate options.
  • Construction and Rehabilitation Loans ─ Need to construct, expand or rehab an investment property? We will customize a construction loan program to meet your needs.
  • Interim/Bridge Loans ─ Seeking a short-term solution until a permanent loan can be established? Interim/Bridge Loans are available in both fixed and variable options, with either interest-only or amortizing repayment schedules.

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