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Where can I find Farmington Bank branches and ATMs?

Check out our Hours and Locations page to find your nearest branch or ATM, as well as our hours of operation.

How can I contact customer assistance?

Call us at 860.676.4600 or toll-free 877.376.2265. Our Customer Support Center hours are Monday through Wednesday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm, Thursday and Friday 8:00 am - 7:00 pm and Saturday 8:30 am - 3:00 pm.

Where can I find my account number?

At the bottom of your checks, you will see three groups of numbers. The first group is your routing number, the second is your account number and the third is your check number. If you don’t have checks, you can obtain your account number by visiting your local branch office. For your security, we limit the number of places where your account number is displayed and cannot provide it to you over the phone.

What is the Bank's routing number?

The routing and transit number for Farmington Bank is 211170347.

Is there a difference between debit and credit purchases using my MasterCard® Debit Card?

Yes. When using your MasterCard® Debit Card with your PIN, the funds are immediately posted to your pending transactions and deducted from the available balance in your checking account. When using the credit option and your signature, the transactions may take several business days to post to your account.

What is the Bank's holiday schedule?

Farmington Bank will observe the following holidays in 2018. Our corporate and branch offices will be closed on these days; however, you can use any of our conveniently located ATMs, and our Online and Mobile Banking services are available 24/7. 

What are the Bank's hours of operation?

See our Hours and Locations page.

Where can I purchase U.S. Savings Bonds.

Visit to purchase or manage electronic U.S. Savings Bonds

What should I do if I lose my ATM or Debit Card?

If you believe that your ATM or Debit Card is lost or has been stolen, call us at toll-free 877.376.2265 Monday through Wednesday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Thursday and Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm. Outside of these hours, call 800-264-5578 (international callers, dial 412-552-2698) to report your lost or stolen card. Please follow up with us to request a new card.

Did you know that Farmington Bank’s Mobile App has a Debit Card On/Off Switch? Turn your Debit Card on or off instantaneously as often as you like. Turning your Debit Card off impacts future transactions only (point of sale and ATM). Formerly authorized transactions will be paid and any recurring transactions you had previously set up will be processed as indicated. If you believe that your Debit Card is lost or has been stolen, please leave it in the “off” position and contact us immediately.

What should I do if I lose my mobile phone that I use for mobile banking?

Call us at toll-free 877.376.2265, Monday through Wednesday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Thursday and Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm, or Saturday 8:30 am to 3:00 pm.

What security measures is Farmington Bank using to ensure the privacy and security of my information? 

We use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to scramble the information that you send us. This technology protects the information you submit or receive through Farmington Bank Online Banking.

We also use firewalls to limit entry by anyone without proper authorization. A firewall is a security device that regulates the information transferred in and out of a network. The firewall is designed to ensure that communications occur only between approved individuals.

What should I do if I suspect that I am a victim of identity theft?

Contact Farmington Bank’s Customer Support Center at toll-free 877.376.2265 immediately.

What should I do if I receive a phishing email that appears to be from Farmington Bank?

Contact Farmington Bank’s Customer Support Center at toll-free 877.376.2265 or send an email to

What is secure login?

Secure login uses multifactor authentication to help protect you against identity theft and fraud. It allows you to register computers that you frequently use to access your bank account online. If you attempt to log in to your online account from an unregistered computer, you will have to undergo further authentication steps before accessing your bank account. This prevents attackers from using just your User ID and password to access your information.

How can I help protect myself from identity theft?

  • Update web browsers and enable security features
  • Install anti-malware software and ensure that your firewall is turned on
  • Protect personal information by looking for encrypted web pages, which will have a web address that begins with “https” and a padlock icon in the browser’s status bar (this location will vary by browser type)
  • Beware of instant message links and email attachments
  • Be suspicious of Internet downloads, because if anything seems too good to be true, it probably is
  • Log in to your online accounts regularly and check for suspicious activity
  • Tear up and shred credit offers, ATM receipts and other types of sensitive information
  • Sign up for electronic statements to stop receiving paper statements via regular mail

What is Online Banking?

Online Banking allows you to conduct your financial transactions on Farmington Bank’s secure website anytime, anywhere. You must register for the service, and set up a User ID and password, which you will use to log in each time you visit the Online Banking site. It’s easy, quick, convenient and free.

What can I do with Farmington Bank Online Banking?

  • Check your balance(s)
  • Transfer funds electronically between accounts
  • Review statements and other account information
  • View your check images
  • Place a stop payment on any check you wrote from your Farmington Bank account (with the exception of online bill payments)
  • Download information to a personal finance software program such as Quicken™
  • Enroll in Bill Pay
  • Is there a charge for Farmington Bank Online Banking?

Farmington Bank Online Banking and Bill Pay are free services.

Where do I enter my Password?

After you enter your User ID and click “Log In,” you will be prompted to enter your Password on the next screen. Your User ID and Password are presented on separate screens because Farmington Bank utilizes a split log-in process to help ensure the privacy and security of your personal information.

Forgot or need help with your User ID?

Call us at 860.676.4600 or toll-free 877.376.2265.

Forgot or need help with your password?

Enter your User ID on the home page and click "Log In." On the subsequent screen, select "Forgot Password" and click “Log In". You will need to get a Secure Access Code. Once entered, you will be asked to change your Password. For your security, your Online Banking access will be blocked after three unsuccessful access attempts to log in. To unblock access, call us at 860-676-4600 or toll-free 877.376.2265.

What do I need in order to enroll in Online Banking?

You must have a Farmington Bank account and a computer with Internet access.

Can I download and export my financial information?

Yes, you can download and export your financial information within Farmington Bank's Online Banking. To export transactions into a personal finance application, select the History button under the Accounts heading. Once on the History page, click the Display drop down menu and choose Export to File. This will activate the drop down menu for of files types. The following are available:

  • Microsoft Excel (xls)
  • Comma Separated Value (csv)
  • Microsoft Money™ (ofx)
  • Intuit Quicken™ (qfx)
  • Intuits QuickBooks™ (qbo)

Click the Submit button to complete the process.

What is Online Account Opening?

New or existing customers can apply to open Checking, Savings, or select Certificate of Deposit Accounts online. The application is fast and easy to complete. Apply Now

How long will it take me to complete the online application?

On average, it should take between 10 and 15 minutes. If you’re intending to have a joint applicant, you should complete the process together. If you are an existing customer, much of the application information will prefill based on your account number and Social Security number.

Can I save my application and return to it later?

Yes, you may choose to save your application by clicking the “Save and Return” button while inside your session. You will be provided with an Application Confirmation Number and you must return to complete the application within 30 days. When you’re ready to continue the process, select the “Return to Saved Application” button. Your Application Confirmation Number will be required to return to your application in progress.

I’m having problems opening my account online. What should I do?

Contact our Customer Support Center at 860.676.4600 or toll-free 877.376.2265.

What is the Farmington Bank Mobile Banking App?

It is an application that allows you to bank from your mobile device. You can view account information, deposit checks, pay bills, transfer funds, place stop  payments, turn your debit card on or off, locate ATMs or branches, contact the Bank and more.* The App is available for iPhone®, iPad® and Android™ devices, downloadable from the Apple App Store℠ or Google Play™.

* You must maintain a positive balance with Farmington Bank for at least 90 days to use the mobile deposit feature. See complete terms and conditions. Turning your debit card off only impacts future debit card transactions (point of sale and ATM). Formerly authorized transactions will be paid and any recurring transactions you had previously set up will be processed as indicated. If you believe that your debit card is lost or has been stolen, please leave it in the “off” position and contact us immediately. You must first enroll in Online Bill Pay and set up your payees in order to pay bills from your Mobile or iPad Banking App. See complete terms and conditions.

Is there a charge for the Farmington Bank Mobile App?

No, it is a complimentary service for our customers. NOTE: The customer is responsible for any message and data rates that may apply.

What type of mobile device is required for the Farmington Bank Mobile Banking App?

The App requires an iPhone®, iPad® or Android™ device.

How do I download the Farmington Bank Mobile Banking App to my iPhone,® iPad® or Android™?

Visit the Apple App Store℠ or Google Play™ and search for “Farmington Bank.” Select the application and download or install as appropriate. Once your download is complete, you can open the App, establish your new User ID and Password, and begin use. Your phone may request a password to download the App. This password is specific to your phone and set by you; this portion of the download is not associated with Farmington Bank.

How do I enroll to use the Mobile App?

Download and open the Farmington Bank Mobile App. Select the New Mobile User button on the main screen and follow the prompts. It will take less than five minutes to enroll.

I downloaded the App but can’t log in. What am I doing wrong?

Contact our Customer Contact Center at 860.676.4600 or toll-free 877.376.2265.

What should I do if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

Even though account information is not stored on your device, there are steps that you should take to suspend Mobile Banking App access. To do so, contact our Customer Contact Center during normal business hours at 860.676.4600 or toll-free 877.376.2265.

Can I pay bills through the Mobile App?

Yes. However, you must create payees within Bill Pay inside Online Banking before you can pay bills within the Mobile App.

Can I transfer between all my accounts?

Account Type Transfers From Transfers To
Checking Yes Yes
Statement Savings Yes* Yes
Passbook Savings No Yes
Money Market Yes* Yes
Certificates of Deposit No No
Farmington Bank Loans No Yes
Farmington Bank HELOC Yes Yes

* Special rules apply for Money Market and Savings Account withdrawals. You can make no more than six (6) pre-authorized transfers, telephone transfers, or Internet banking transfers from the account per month. You can make as many over-the-counter withdrawals as you wish. We will monitor compliance with these limitations based on the date on which the transfer was made. Pre-authorized transfers made to pay loans you have with us are not counted as part of the six transfers we permit you to make.

When is the money I transfer credited to my account and available to me?

When you make a transfer using Farmington Bank Online and/or Mobile Banking, that transfer is credited to your account and available immediately. You can verify all transfers made under the Current Business Day Activity.

Can I set up recurring transfers?

Yes. Log in to Online Banking and under the Transactions menu, select Transfer Funds. Within the Transfer Funds screen, you can initiate a one-time or recurring funds transfer between your accounts.

What happens when there are insufficient funds to make a scheduled transfer?

If there are not sufficient funds in your account to make a transfer on the scheduled date, we will continue to try to make the transfer daily until funds become available unless you notify us to discontinue. To discontinue, you must delete the transfer by 6:00 p.m. on any business day.

What is Bill Pay?

It's the fastest, easiest way to pay your bills. Rather than writing paper checks and mailing them, you can pay bills from your computer or mobile device. Bill Pay enables you to set up recurring payments, such as your regular monthly expenses and have them paid automatically. It's available to all of our Online Banking customers.

How do I enroll in Bill Pay?

Sign up for Bill Pay within Online Banking.

I'm having problems with Bill Pay. What should I do?

Call 860.676.4600 or toll-free 877.376.2265 and select Option 2 from the main menu for Bill Pay.

What are eStatements?

They are the paperless, electronic version of the paper statement that you receive in the mail. They're environmentally friendly, safer and reduce clutter in your home or office.

How can I sign up for eStatements?

Log in to your Online Banking account, select the Statements button, select the account, verify your information, and click next. You can view your statements within Online Banking by selecting the Statements button or view past statements by selecting the Documents and Notices button.

For additional questions, visit any of our branch locations, contact us at or call toll-free 877.376.2265. Please do not send confidential information (e.g., Social Security numbers or account numbers) through our email system.

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