Get back on track with Fresh Start Checking.

This account has a low monthly service fee and comes with all the conveniences you need to quickly and easily access your money. Available in CT and MA.

New start just ahead

Fresh Start Checking is designed for customers who may not qualify for other bank accounts due to prior credit issues or past problems with Chex Systems. Let us help you start over. After a period of responsible use, you can speak with a customer service representative about transitioning to one of our other accounts.1 Features include:

  • Open with minimum deposit of $50.
  • $10 monthly service charge.2
  • Walk out with your MasterCard® Standard Debit Card in hand.3 Provides you with identity theft resolution services and MasterCard® Global Service™.

Also includes our Mobile Banking App with Mobile Deposit and Debit Card On/Off Switch,4 Online Banking and free Statements.

For complete account information, please refer to the Fresh Start Checking DisclosureTerms and Conditions of Your Account, and the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

  1. 1 After 12 months with an account in good standing, customers  may visit a branch to discuss moving to another account. This account cannot be opened online or over the phone.
  2. 2 Check printing charges apply and vary depending on style and quantity ordered.
  3. 3 Terms and conditions apply to instant issuance. Farmington Bank won’t charge you for debit card use at any ATM; however other banks may impose a surcharge fee. Use any of the thousands of SUM network ATMs nationwide and pay no fees to Farmington Bank or any bank. A listing of current SUM ATMs can be found at Reduced debit card limits for Fresh Start Checking - POS at $1,000/day and ATM withdrawal at $300/day.
  4. 4 You must maintain a positive balance with Farmington Bank for at least 90 days to use the mobile deposit feature. See complete terms and conditions. Turning your debit card off only impacts future debit card transactions (point of sale and ATM). Formerly authorized transactions will be paid and any recurring transactions you had previously set up will be processed as indicated. If you believe that your debit card is lost or has been stolen, please leave it in the “off” position and contact us immediately.

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