We can help ensure that your funds are available when you need them.

It’s not uncommon to occasionally get caught short of money in your account. Our Overdraft Protection and Overdraft Privilege services can help cover shortages. Available in CT and MA.

Overdraft service options

An overdraft occurs when you don’t have enough money in your account to cover a transaction you initiated. Anyone can accidentally overdraw their account. We have tools to help you keep track of your account balance such as our free Mobile App or Online Banking; however, we also have the following available:

Overdraft Privilege is made available on your account in accordance with our Discretionary Overdraft Privilege Policy. We have the option to cover your overdrafts up to a certain amount less the overdraft fee(s). Should an overdraft occur, your account will be charged a standard $35.00 Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) fee for each item paid by the Overdraft Privilege Service. This is the same fee that Farmington Bank charges per item when there is not enough money in your account and it is returned. The Overdraft Privilege Service is not a line of credit.

Please be aware that Overdraft Privilege does not include ATM and everyday Debit Card transactions unless you opt-in. To “Opt-In”, visit any Farmington Bank branch or call toll-free 877.376.2265.

View Consumer Overdraft Privilege Disclosure.

Through a line of credit

When your checking account is overdrawn, Cashmate automatically advances funds in increments of $50 to cover checks or other items you have authorized up to the amount of your available credit line. The credit line is a loan which requires application and approval. There is an annual fee for Cashmate and you will be charged interest based on the amount of the line advanced. Visit your local branch or call toll-free 877.376.2265 for more information or to apply.

Through a savings overdraft sweep account

This service links your Farmington Bank checking and savings accounts and will automatically transfer money to your checking account at the end of each business day to cover your total overdraft amount plus a fee per transfer. Visit your local branch or call toll-free 877-376-2265 for more information or to apply.

Other Helpful Materials

Organize your finances and ease your mind by following a few helpful tips that can help you prevent overdrafts.

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