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About Us

Our Mission Statement

To be a high-performing, well-capitalized and customer-service-oriented “Bank of Choice” for shareholders, consumers and businesses, with an ongoing commitment to contribute to the betterment of the communities in our region.

    Farmington Bank History

    On our first day of business in 1851, initial deposits totaled $88.70. That money represented the hard-earned savings of residents and businesses across the Farmington Valley. To the bank's founders and management, it also represented the community's trust in them personally, and in their ability to make the institution a vehicle for spurring growth and prosperity for the regions we serve and its inhabitants.

    Today, we continue to honor that trust and remain committed to our mission.

      Farmington Bank Today

      From those modest beginnings, Farmington Bank has grown to a major financial institution with $2.7 billion in assets. We've never lost sight of our original mission, and we'll continue to lend money and provide critical banking services for the people in our communities. We're grateful for your support. We'll continue to work hard to earn that support every day. 

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